martedì 4 luglio 2017

Maria Iasenza: Enfasi ed evitamento (Merope n. 66 - pp. 77-90)

Marzia Iasenza
Enfasi ed evitamento: prospettive sulla keyness
di quattro corpora giornalistici sulla crisi finanziaria

Abstract – The purpose of this study is to compare four newspaper corpora, two of which coded in English and two in Italian. For each language, the two corpora comprise texts showing different levels of specialisation – specialised or popular register, respectively – in an effort to highlight the multifaceted perspectives on narrating the breakout of the global financial crisis in 2008. The newspaper corpora were chosen and analysed following the experimental models provided by theories as “Corpus Translation Studies” and “Critical Discourse Analysis”, among which the keywords analysis proved to be effective as a means to uncover both the conceptual structure of the text, i.e. its ‘aboutness’, and its communicative function. As a result, the keywords analysis has identified “emphasis” and “avoidance” as the two opposite discourse strategies used to manage the “crisis event” at the cognitive level and to report it to the target audience.

Keywords: financial crisis, newspaper corpora, News Discourse, Critical Discourse Analysis, perspectives on keyness.

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