martedì 4 luglio 2017

Alessandra Granito: Rensi a confronto con Cioran (Merope n. 66 - pp. 45-60)

Alessandra Granito
Rensi a confronto con Cioran.
La meontologia come sfida alla postmodernità neo-cinica 

 Abstract – The purpose of this essay is to rehabilitate the philosophy of two controversial thinkers: Giuseppe Rensi and Emile Cioran. Their corrosive and passionate Weltanschauung reverse Parmenide’s ontological principle of Being in the dramatic assertion of Nothingness, opening up to a meontological perspective of denunciation against the axiological structure of the world marked by irrationalism. Far from being relegated to the margins of a fatalistic skepticism, this perspective does not abdicate to any peaceful attestation of inconsistency nor to any laconic indifference, but it advocates the assumption of the problematic of the human being. Furthermore, in their anti-humanist investigation of negativum, I argue that Rensi and Cioran can be considered two counterfactual references for the post-modern culture that is increasingly closed in a metaphysical disengagement, hypostatized in a spiritual stagnation marked not only by nihilism and secularization, but also by cynical abandonment of responsibility and the pathologization of negativum.

 Keywords: meontology, absurd, nihilism, negativum, skepticism. cynical reason, anti/humanism

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