martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Francesca Crisante: «“Classicità” da Byron a Swinburne» (Merope n. 63 - pp. 129-144)

Francesca Crisante
Paradigmi della “Classicità”:
presenza catulliana da Byron a Swinburne

Abstract — The influence of ancient Rome on Victorian culture and society deserves particular attention since the myth of Romanitas contains the idea of a state of perfection which, to a significant degree, inspired numerous imitations and emulations on the part of Victorian authors. This article examines the extraordinary influence Catullus exerted on both romantic and Victorian literary figures alike as a consequence of Byron’s admiration of his works. In particular, Catullus’s interpretation of the female world, his conception of sexuality as well as other aspects of Latin hedonism are revived in the poetry of Swinburne who never concealed the fact that he regarded Catullus as one of the founding models for his own poetry. An analysis of Catullus’s poetry confirms the extent to which his themes pervade both Victorian verse and the visual arts which not only draw inspiration from the Latin poet but also share his axiological vision.

Keywords: Catullus, Romanitas, Victorian poetry, imitation, Swinburne, sexuality

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